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The importance of vulcanization pressure for rubber fenders for boats
The importance of vulcanization pressure for rubber fenders for boats

Vulcanization pressure refers to the amount of pressure received per unit area for rubber products in the process of vulcanization. In addition to the thin-wall products like adhesive tape, etc., other rubber products need to get imposed a certain pressure during the vulcanization. The functions of vulcanization pressure to fenders for boats are as follows:

1. Preventing the marine fenders from generating bubbles during the vulcanization and improving the compactness of the sizing material

The moisture and other volatile substance in the sizing material and hydrogen sulfide that may be generated during the vulcanization will volatilize in the high temperature when gathering and generate bubbles. If you impose the vulcanization pressure more than the internal pressure that may escape from the sizing material in the process of vulcanization, you can prevent the bubbles' generation and improve the compactness of the sizing material.

2. Making the sizing material of the ship fender easy to flow and full of the die cavity

To manufacture plump rubber products with clear patterns, the sizing material must flow and fill the mold cavity. In particular, the sizing material is in the period of the vulcanization induction with an uncrosslinked state, and the effect of the vulcanization pressure will be more obvious. Experiment shows that if the vulcanization temperature is from 100 to 140 ℃, the vulcanization of rubber molded products should range from 2 to 4.9 MPA.

3. Improving the friction pull between the fender material and the layer of cloth

During the vulcanization, with the increasing pressure, the depth that the rubber penetrates the layer of cloth enlarges, which improves the friction pull between rubber and the layer of cloth and the anti-flexural property of rubber boat fenders.

4. Conducive to the promotion of the physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber

Experiment shows that with the pressure of 5 Mpa vulcanization, its wear-resisting property is more 10%-20% than the rubber boat fender in 2Mpa vulcanization. This is because of the effect that improving vulcanization pressure can promote the compactness of vulcanized rubber. But the excessive vulcanization pressure is not conducive to the performance of rubber, which is because the high pressure, same as the high temperature, can accelerate the pyrolysis of rubber molecules. Moreover, the structure of textile materials can also get broken under high pressure, which causes the decrease of the anti-flexural property.

All in all, the vulcanization pressure plays a significant role in rubber fenders for boats. Understanding the functions of vulcanization pressure contribute to protecting your dock bumpers for boats. Real Top is a professional manufacturer specialized in berthing equipment. If you are interested in our products, welcome visit our website: www.realtoprubberfender.com, and leave your e-mail.


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