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What are the types of Dock Bumpers?
What are the types of Dock Bumpers?

Dock Bumpers, Anchor Marine Fenders

Dock Bumpers and Fenders safeguard the boats from collateral damage. These Dock Bumpers protect the boat at the dock and leave an everlasting impact. There are several dock and bumpers that protect and add a layer of safety to the boat.

Here is a list of types of dock bumpers

Dock Edging

The dock edging can be customized according to one’s need and protects it from constant hurdles and bumps when the water level increases or decreases. If you hold the boat in the boat dock it will save it from certain damages.

Use of Old Tires

Tires can protect your boat and dock from impact. The environment will thank you for using tires, as it keeps them from degrading in the landfill. It also extends their life, as now; they have another use for it. You also need to add fenders to your boat to create a barrier between your boat and the tires. Place the tires close together on the boat dock. You can even create a corner bumper using the tires.

Inflatable Dock Fenders

Foam-filled or inflatable dock fenders are available in a wide range of designs. The most common fender is the one with straight sections and 90-degree corners. However, you can find dock fenders available in other angles as well.

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